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ChronoLink allows setting up synchronization connections between different calendars, but also between and with other calendar-like systems.

Here are some examples of what it can do for you, automatically:

  • Block time on your work calendar for appointments in your private calendar, like picking up kids from school or seeing a doctor. Choose which event details to include.
  • Synchronize two work calendars to display your real availability on both sides.
  • Connect a time-tracking app or issue tracker to your calendar, so you can easily check whether you forgot to track something without leaving your calendar app.
  • Automatically block time for official/religious holidays in your work calendar.


  • Synchronize calendars within one system or connect different systems - see the list below.
  • Supports custom rules regarding which events to include and how to transform them. For details, check our Examples and the full Reference.
  • Can access not only your primary calendar, but also secondary calendars that you created, calendars shared with you or third-party calendars you subscribed to.
  • Synchronization connections can run periodically or be triggered manually.

Supported Systems

System Support
Google Calendar read / write / Exchange Online read / write
Exchange Server read
iCalendar (ICS) read
Atlassian Jira (on premise) read
Clockodo read / write

Help guide our roadmap!

We plan to support more calendar systems, time tracking applications and issue trackers, e.g. Exchange Server (write support), Workday or Atlassian Jira (Cloud).

Please help us decide which and when by emailing


  • ChronoLink is a cloud-based service hosted in the European Union. It does not store the event data. For details, read our privacy policy.