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The following properties are available for use with the property condition and the propertycopy and propertyset transformers.

Google Calendar

Key Description
google:calendar.color.hex Default event color of the calendar, e.g. #ff9933. Used for displaying events that don't specify a color. Always present.
google:color.hex Color specified for the event, e.g. #dbadff. Color specified for the event, e.g. Grape.
google:meet.code The Google Meet meeting code, e.g. aaa-bbbb-ccc.
google:meet.url The URL to join a Google Meet meeting.

Event colors

The color values given below are the ones recognized by the Google Calendar API. They are usually less saturated than their user interface counterparts.

Color name Value Description
Tomato #dc2127 Deep red
Flamingo #ff887c Pale red
Tangerine #ffb878 Orange
Banana #fbd75b Yellow
Sage #7ae7bf Pale green
Basil #51b749 Deep green
Peacock #46d6db Bright blue
Blueberry #5484ed Deep blue
Lavender #a4bdfc Pale blue
Grape #dbadff Violet
Graphite #e1e1e1 Gray

Atlassian Jira

Key Example value Description
jira:issue.summary Reticulate splines to improve morale Summary field (title) of the associated issue
jira:issue.key GOO-123 Key of the associated issue
jira:issue.url Link to the associated issue 19392 Internal ID of the associated issue
jira:worklog.comment Project kickoff meeting; write & publish meeting minutes Comment entered when work was logged (optional)
jira:worklog.url… Jumps to issue page & highlights the worklog to make editing easier. 457727 ID of the worklog entry World of Goo Name of the project the issue resides in
jira:project.key GOO Key of the project 10001 Internal ID of the project


Key Example value Description
clockodo:billable true true if the entry is marked as billable, false otherwise 1234567 ID of the customer, always present ACME, Inc. Name of the customer (if known) 7654321 ID of the project (if the entry has one) Spline Reticulator v2 Name of the project (if the entry has one and the name is known)
clockodo:text Kickoff meeting Custom text of the entry (if entered)


When connecting to a calendar via an iCalendar address, most event data is covered by regular ChronoLink conditions and transformers.

In addition, ChronoLink provides properties for each iCalendar text field, including vendor-specific ones. The respective property name is icalendar: followed by the field name turned into lower case and with dashes replaced by dots.


iCalendar field name ChronoLink property key
SEQUENCE icalendar:sequence
UID icalendar:uid